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Also, make sure you back up app-specific data, like custom filters saved in a photo utility, save files from your favorite games, and back up emails if using an offline client.

How to Perform a Factory Reset on your TCL Roku TV

This feature returns your Windows 10 installation to the default state it was in when Windows 10 was first installed. Check your documentation or give technical support a call if you want to return your PC to how it was when you first pulled it out of the box.

PC or laptop hard reset

Then click All settings. The next page contains two options. This comes in handy if your manufacturer provides a factory restore image or external drive containing the image to return your machine to its factory state. Step 4: Decide whether you want to keep all of your files and folders, or truly start from scratch and then bring your personal data back from your backup solution.

Windows 10 - How to reset the system and keep my personal files? | Official Support | ASUS Global

Whichever one you pick, all of your applications will need to be reinstalled, and your settings, such as your Start menu, will go back to the defaults. Step 5: Click whichever option suits you. If you chose Keep my files , skip to Step 7.

You can choose to just remove your files rather than clean the drive, and to remove all files from just the Windows drive or all drives. Click on Show me the list of drives that will be affected to know exactly what will be included in the reset process. Step 7: If you chose Keep my files , on the next screen the system will offer to display a list of conventional programs installed on your computer ones not installed from the Microsoft Store.

This list will be saved to your desktop when you finish the recovery process. Click Reset.

Click Reset to proceed. Your PC will then reboot automatically and begin the reset process.

Reset your Android device to factory settings

It may reboot itself several times. Wait for Windows to restart and begin the setup process, then enter your personal information and login.

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Windows 7 does not have the built-in refresh and reset options found in newer versions. Users with these operating systems have two choices when looking to perform a factory reset. This is application allows you to turn a regular USB thumb drive into a reset key.

Browse to the location of the System Reset Image file and select it. Select the flash drive that you would like to use as a reset key, if the software did not automatically find it. Wait for balenaEtcher to create the reset key.

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  8. Wait for balenaEtcher to scan and validate the image file. Turn the printer on. After that, commands will appear and scroll down the screen, pausing for periods of time. Remove the System Reset Key. Wait several seconds and turn the printer back on.