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It is obvious that there is a great passion for excellent hospitality at Restaurant Rosengarten. If you are looking for affordable culinary highlights in a tasteful atmosphere, with wonderful views thrown into the mix, you have found your ideal location. Be it with the fragrance of the blossoming roses in summer or the delicious cheese scent during the colder fondue season, one thing is certain: Restaurant Rosengarten is always a great place at which to unwind and indulge in a tasty meal.

Your home away from home Zuhause auf Zeit More and more people are travelling around and living in different places. Thus, there is an increasing demand for temporary housing solutions, which both offer the services of a good hotel, but also feel like a proper home. That is why many cities now provide so-called business or serviced apartments. These are furnished studios with a kitchen and bathroom that often include cleaning and additional hotellike services. Serviced Apartments. The b20 — serviced apartments bern are the first apartments of this kind in the Swiss capital Bern.

Since August , guests have been able to rent a studio flat here from one up to 12 months.

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Die b20 — serviced apartments bern sind das erste Apartmenthaus dieser Art in der Schweizer Bundesstadt. Seit August kann man hier ab einem bis zu maximal 12 Monaten eine Wohnung buchen. Moreover, guests can book additional services at any time. These range from a personal parking space to ironing or shoecleaning services.

In the summer time, swimming in the Aare river is a must-do and in the winter, the nearby public transport options take you up to the skiing slopes in no time! Auch die Umgebung hat einiges zu bieten.

9 November to 22 December 2013

Left: Museum Franz Gertsch. The Swiss Museum Franz Gertsch in Burgdorf near Bern has been home to the largest Gertsch collection since and is currently being extended by square metres. In early , the group of paintings called the Four Seasons will be exhibited in the new space, enhancing its magical effect. Everything started in when the industrialist Willy Michel and Franz Gertsch decided to create a museum together. Today, 20 years later, the museum is firmly established. It hosts contemporary art exhibitions and displays the largest Gertsch collection, which is ever-growing.

A true gem is the Four Seasons — a group of paintings. Franz Gertsch took photographs of a forest trail behind his studio during different seasons and turned these photo references into large-format paintings. Each of them measures three metres by five, and from next spring, a new space will be dedicated entirely to them. Ein wahres Highlight ist die Werkgruppe der Vier Jahreszeiten. Recreational mini-breaks and an igloo Hotel Landhasthof Kemmeriboden-Bad, near to the Swiss capital Bern, offers exciting holiday packages for recreational mini-breaks.

In addition to this truly delightful ambiance and the welcoming environment of the Bern area, it is its remarkable mini-break packages that make the Landgasthof so particularly charming. Or, during the cold season, spend a cosy weekend in our specially built igloo and enjoy an invigorating cheese fondue? Pure indulgence: the Kemmeriboden merengue When you spend your next mini-break at Landgasthof Kemmeriboden-Bad, be sure not to miss the scrumptious, slightly sweetened cult pastry , the Kemmeriboden meringue,which has enchanted the taste buds of epicures for many, many years.

Neben den klassischen Inhalten eines Landgasthofs wie. Sie werden begeistert sein! Restaurant Dampfzentrale in Swiss Bern, has been offering a wide choice of original Mediterranean cuisine since The Joomla! Support Tickets Changelog Documentation. Github Video Tutorials Installation Guide. Community Forum. Administrator area function.

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Clones one property's settings to a new property. This is useful if you manage multiple properties, you can quickly copy one property to a new one. Note that tariffs aren't copied, for that you'll need the Clone Tariffs plugin, which is a frontend feature. Administrator area functionality. Designed to show developers common strings that are available to all templates without needing to add them to the template's calling script.

Adds a new button to the administrator control panel which creates custom fields which are added to the booking form.

Lists and allows you to delete custom global strings. This is useful if you've used editing mode with Global Editing enabled and created a global string in error. Allows you to add custom fields in the administrator area via a new button 'custom property fields'. This allows property managers to add information extra to that normally recorded by the edit property details page.

PDF Piloten gibts wie Sand am Meer (German Edition)

Destroys data that is collected when making bookings etc, is intended for developers who wish to clear their Jomres tables of test bookings and other data. If you use this script, then complain to us that your data has gone and you did not make a backup of it, we will point fingers and laugh at you.

Then we will probably tweet about it. Allows administrators to set newly created properties default settings. Shows a developer how to add strings via one script that can be used in all templates without additional coding. Allows you to include a form from an external form plugin into the tabs of the property details page. A plugin that allows us to perform property management in the administrator area.

Utility for deleting old managers from the Jomres Manager to Property Cross reference table. This feature allows site managers to import properties via csv files. Allows the property manager to use the Advanced and Micromanage tariff editing modes. These tariff editing modes offer greater flexability than the default Normal editing mode, enabling the property manager to set prices to be dependant on the number of people in a booking, the number of days in a booking or the number of rooms that have already been selected in the booking form.

You can create multiple tariffs for a given room type, creating intricate pricing schemes, giving you the best opportunity to mirror a property's existing charging methods. This feature allows a property manager who has access to more than one property to clone tariffs from one property to another. A common usage for this is by property managers who manage multiple properties.

It allows them to easily copy complex, time consuming to create tariffs from one property to another. Normally the source property isn't published and is used simply as a repository for these complex tariffs. Coupons are specific to individual properties and can be configured to be used within certain dates, and only be valid for certain dates. Additionally they can be specific to only a certain guest.

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When a coupon is displayed it can be viewed in a printable screen, including a QR code. This code can be scanned into a phone and the user will be taken direct to the booking form, with that discount code already applied. Displays custom instructions at the top of the booking form. Allows a property manager to define different minimum occupancy levels for different room types.


Adds a new button to the manager's toolbar, and allows the creation of various models of optional extras which are added to the booking form. These are upsold items that are offered in the booking form after the rooms have been selected. Adds a new button to the administrator's control panel which allows them to create 'partners'. The partners can then be assigned discounts if they make bookings at certain properties.

Additional help videos for property managers. The AcyMailing Integration plugin offers the possibility to integrate Jomres with the most popular Joomla newsletter component available at the moment. Provides functionality required to communicate with Beds24 Channel Manager. Currently only used the the Twitter plugin, adds bitly shortcodes to tweets.

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Creates a new settings page in Jomres control panel where you can set your url to sale. PHPList integration plugin. Adds a new tab to the property config tab for a manager's cellphone, and a new button to the administrator's control panel which allows them to configure clickatell settings so that managers can be advised when they've received a new booking.

Allows Jomres to post to a twitter account whenever a booking is added to a property, and send DMs direct to property managers. Allows property managers to create auctions for rooms in a property, or auctions that aren't linked to rooms. A plugin to allow us to bypass the confirmation page if required. Adds functionality that allows site administrator to charge property managers commission on their bookings.