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Thus, we are studying the possibility of buying freight-oriented companies to complement our operations and solidify our competitive advantage. We have been working on SOLS for four years now and we have delivered on our planned milestones for the period. For example, our rank on the LPI was 59 when we started and now we are at 43 — an improvement of 16 positions.

Such a jump is not possible without the multi-layered plan we have designed and started implementing, from modifying regulations and procedures; to streamlining operations and governance; and to harnessing connectivity and integration of our logistics assets.

Entry requirements

On the job creation front, the sector had 30, jobs when we started implementing our strategy. Today we have 84, jobs. We have created 54, over the last four years. However, we still need to address the Omanisation ratio in the sector, standing at 15 per cent as an overall percentage in the sector today. However, Omanis occupy 40 per cent of the logistics jobs in the middle and senior level positions.

This is primarily due to the nature of the sector, as the logistic labor market is dominated by low-skilled jobs, such as truck drivers and the like.

Oman proves that logistics integration is key to growth | IRU

We are also witnessing the introduction of logistics as a programme in educational institutions and universities — another evidence that logistics is being considered an important sector by the academic and educational community. We had two choices at ASYAD — one, we could have been a passive investor or shareholder and let the companies run themselves; the other was to become a strategic investor, i.

This meant that sometimes we had to be more intrusive and hands-on, and that was the model that we have adopted. In fact, we had to slightly adjust the governance structure of our companies to ensure that we are part of their business plans, strategy and KPIs. We ask our companies to submit their plans to measure their goals and efforts to maximise shareholder value.

The companies that are incurring losses must design and submit to us their turnaround strategy and roadmap, and we support them to return to profitability.

A good indication of the progress we have made thus far is the improvement of the EBIDTA of several our companies in the last two years. What can attendees look forward from the conference?


Immigrants and health system challenges to TB control in Oman

The NSEP Boren scholarships are open to undergrads and grads pursuing challenging and non-traditional studies like those in Oman. Students must be willing to gain experience Arabic in its vernacular, or common form, as well as the culture of Oman through its people. This is a scholarship for service program, meaning you must be willing to return professional service to the U. This is an ideal option for a student who wants an education and a job all in one substantial package.

This award is unique because it sends students the opposite way around the globe — rather, it sends Omani students to America on a full-ride tuition. This scholarship is newly set in place by the Omani government through the Ministry of Higher Education, as its rather royal name would indicate. This program originates from the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and gives lucky students the chance to live in Oman, and a range of other Islamic dominated countries, for up to one year. Students attend school in Oman, participate in daily life and cultural activities, and live with host families and are thus totally immersed in the saturated Muslim culture and lifestyle of the country.


The scholarship is exclusively based on merit, and is thus very competitive. Contact the YES website to apply. Participants in the Oman program should first check with their college for complementary scholarships for the SIT program or apply for the following specific scholarships sponsored directly through SIT:. You may apply for this opportunity through SQCC. Conversely, SQCC is also responsible for hosting a mass of Oman-oriented events in the US, included cultural fairs, art shows, and other performances.

The website is a great resource for k educational materials related to Oman, and a superb source for up-to-date and pertinent information regarding Omani-American affairs.

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While the awards are open to study in nay non-traditional place, preferences for these competitive awards are given to those who want to study in Africa or the Middle East. Read more.. In this context, the GCCeRI would provide a platform for GCC researchers and policy makers to discuss research and policy issues as well as regional and global developments; and, disseminate research outcomes to the public through means of publications, newsletters, conferences and workshops. Conference participants will be self-sponsored; however, the organizers will grant partial sponsorship for a limited number of participants.

The organizers welcome submissions of proposals or completed draft papers on any topic of relevance to the GCC economic development and public policy issues, most notably the following:. Food security requires a functioning and sustainable food system, which encompasses many variables.

Under food security, the proposed research papers and research proposals may address the following issues:. Authors should submit an original proposal of a maximum length of ten double spaced pages [excluding appendices, tables, figures and references]. Authors of the selected proposals will be self-funded, however, the steering committee of ERF and the GCC consortium of universities and policy research institutions might grant some limited funding for few cases. Proposals should be structured so as to contain sections in the following format.

ERF reserves the right to exclude proposals that are not consistent with these guidelines:.

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For queries, please contact Faiza Jafar at fjafar erf. Finance: The macro and microeconomic effects of e-finance.

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