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Feral dogs.

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Your pet dog. In fact, some say dogs are the biggest threat to backyard chickens above all others.

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But early on, my flock was attacked by roaming dogs. The attack came from nowhere and we lost 10 hens in one fell swoop. We saw the dogs as they were running away. We did not dispatch the dogs, but a neighbor whose dogs were being attacked by them did. This is the rub with dogs. With a wild predator, they may take one or two birds at a time. Hawks have to eat too. When the bird stops moving, they lose interest and go on to the next. They can cause maximum damage in a short period of time. What is your recourse if your chickens are attacked?

The best advice for this problem is to know your neighbors and your local laws before a problem ever happens. Be proactive. Remind them that dogs can be a problem if they get out. That way everyone is on the same page. Protect your flock as best as possible with fencing and other measures.

Tips on Raising Chickens with Dogs

But understand, things happen. Dogs that are out roaming are resourceful. Hopefully, your preparation will allow you to be clear-headed. Do your local laws allow you to shoot the dog s? Laws vary by location. They can be on the alert.

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It will come in handy anyway, but even more so after the attack. Make sure to tend to any injuries and seek veterinary care if needed. When my flock was attacked, I gathered up the survivors and kept everyone confined in the chicken run and coop for a few days. I wanted them to feel safe again, and during that time, I gave everyone extra treats and special attention. Chickens are hardy animals and mine bounced back quickly.

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I don't know what they were thinking about. It's wrong for them to do this'' Cathy pulled the hen away from Charlie, whose penis was inside the chicken's vagina. She said that the chicken was a one-year-old Sasso breed while Charlie is a mongrel cross between bull dog and a border terrier. Cathy added: ''In the future I'll be keeping the dog away from the chickens to prevent this from happening again. They would be some very unusual babies. Related videos. Bull terrier in the Bathtub.

Backyard Chickens and Dogs Can Live In Harmony

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Dog saves chickens from fox

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