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Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Bioscience Hypotheses , 1 1 , Rajiv P. Bandwar, Na Ma, Steven A. Emanuel, Michael Anikin, Dmitry G. Vassylyev, Smita S. Patel, William T. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 31 , David C. Nelson, Dana J. Wohlbach, Matthew J.

Rodesch, Viktor Stolc, Michael R. Sussman, Manoj P. Identification of an in vitro transcription-based artifact affecting oligonucleotide microarrays. Nucleic Acids Research , 35 11 , Irene E. Regulation of pyrG expression in Bacillus subtilis: CTP-regulated antitermination and reiterative transcription with pyrG templates in vitro. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 33 , Ma, D. Temiakov, M. Anikin, W. Probing conformational changes in T7 RNA polymerase during initiation and termination by using engineered disulfide linkages.

Dimethyl sulfoxide targets phage RNA polymerases to promote transcription. Lopez, F. Proux, H.

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Launay, M. A mutation in T7 RNA polymerase that facilitates promoter clearance. Intrinsic Promoter Recognition by a? RNA Polymerase. Esposito, Craig T. Edward A. Vassylyev, William T. Molecular Cell , 15 5 , Meng, C. Turnbough, R. Attenuation control of pyrG expression in Bacillus subtilis is mediated by CTP-sensitive reiterative transcription. The structural basis of the transition from initiation to elongation phases of transcription, as well as translocation and strand separation, by T7 RNA polymerase.

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Cell , 3 , Gary M. Skinner, Christoph G. Baumann, Diana M. Quinn, Justin E. Molloy, James G. Baohua Gu, Victor K. Johnston, Lester L. Gutshall, Tammy T.

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Nguyen, Richard R. Gontarek, Michael G. Duffy, C. Cheng Kao, Robert T. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 19 , Genoveva A. Nacheva, Alfredo Berzal-Herranz. Gottlieb, Craig T. Rui Sousa, Srabani Mukherjee. T7 RNA Polymerase. McAllister, Dmitry G. Vassylyev, Shigeyuki Yokoyama.

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Structure of a T7 RNA polymerase elongation complex at 2. Nature , , Lilian M Hsu. Promoter clearance and escape in prokaryotes. Srabani Mukherjee, Luis G.

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Brieba, Rui Sousa. Place, E. Freyssingeas, B. Observation by fluorescence microscopy of transcription on single combed DNA. Sigma Factors. Srin Sastry.


A fluorescence-based assay for transcription using a novel fluorescent GTP analogue. Biophysical Chemistry , 91 2 , Interrupting the template strand of the T7 promoter facilitates translocation of the DNA during initiation, reducing transcript slippage and the release of abortive products 1 1Edited by M. Kinetic modeling and simulation of in vitro transcription by phage T7 RNA polymerase. Temiakov, P. Mentesana, K. Ma, A. Mustaev, S. Borukhov, W. The specificity loop of T7 RNA polymerase interacts first with the promoter and then with the elongating transcript, suggesting a mechanism for promoter clearance.

Farsetta, Kartik Chandran, Max L. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 50 , Characterization of halted T7 RNA polymerase elongation complexes reveals multiple factors that contribute to stability 1 1Edited by M.