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Ages 6 and up For iOS.

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Science The National Science Foundation's Science app for tablets only brings cutting-edge science and engineering news, images, and video right to your child's fingertips. All content is either produced by the NSF or gathered from scientists and universities around the world, so you can be assured that your child is receiving the best quality information out there, and new content is added every week. Your kid will love the cool degree view that lets him explore images from every angle.

Ages 12 and up For Android and iOS. The app features stunning images and video from space and animations that can make challenging concepts easier to understand.


Older kids will love diving into everything this app has to offer on their own, and your younger ones can begin learning about the planets and stars with your help. Ages 7 and up For iOS. Cook up food for two hungry monsters using eight different ingredients combined in various ways. But be careful not to season the food too much, or the monsters just might spit it back at you! Like other Toca Boca games, the emphasis is on free, open play, where your child's imagination can run wild.

Ages 3and up For iOS. Middle School Math Planet Does your middle schooler need to brush up on important math concepts like geometry, fractions, and mixed numbers? Fly spaceships and help aliens complete tasks in these out-of-this-world games designed by learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. Ages 10 and up For iOS. ColorBand ColorBand lets your toddler or preschooler explore art and music as she paints a picture with sound. Over 80 colors each have their own unique corresponding sound, and when your child is done painting, she can hear the music her artwork has created.

Sounds can be played in mid-air via the iPad's built-in camera or by simple touch, and the cute little bunny mascot Lalabee dances to the music. A set of colors are available for free, and additional color packs can be purchased within the app. Ages 3 ad up For iOS. Vocabulary Spelling City Spelling tests can be stressful at any grade level, but Vocabulary Spelling City makes learning vocabulary and spelling fun with games like Word Unscramble and HangMouse. Students of all ages can use the free app to play nine games with 10 of the app's most popular word lists.

You can even upload a customized word list to Vocabulary Spelling City's website for your child to use in the app. For families who want a more expansive experience, a premium version of the app with five student accounts is available for a yearly subscription. Ages 6 and up For Android and iOS. Todo Math Designed for kids in pre-K through second grade, Todo Math takes your child on a daily math adventure.

Designed by researchers at Tufts University and MIT, the app was inspired by the Scratch programming language, redesigned for a younger audience. Your child can make the app's adorable characters move, jump, and even dance and sing by snapping together different programming blocks.

How Most Children Learn to Read | Reading Rockets

In addition to learning how to code, he'll also be learning problem solving, design, and how to create his own story. Ages 5 and up For Android and iOS. Thinking Blocks Multiplication If you have an elementary schooler who's a visual learner, this app shows her how to visualize multiplication word problems in a step-by-step process to arrive at the correct answer. While so much of multiplication involves rote memorization, this app actually helps students understand the process of multiplication and when to use it. Awesome Eats by the Whole Foods Foundation Awesome Eats is a fun, simple app that teaches kids healthy eating, pattern recognition and sorting.

Endless Numbers A follow-up to the popular Endless Alphabet, Endless Numbers helps preschoolers learn number recognition, patterns, sequences, and more with the help of adorable monsters. We believe infants should be exposed to as much language as possible to support emerging language skills. Our teacher is talking all the time, describing what they are doing, what is happening next, repeating what the infants "say", singing, and reading.


Program Highlights: Loving, caring, nurturing atmosphere Clean, sanitary environment Shoe covers are required to be worn to go into the classroom to ensure clean, hygienic floors Soft play-mat area for crawling and activity time A variety of materials are provided for infants to grasp, shake, and pull apart. Beautiful, bright classroom Our teacher has been in the infant class for over eight years; she is nurturing, loving, and ensures the highest quality of care for our youngest learners.

Toddlers are just beginning to engage in pretend play and we plan engaging opportunities to inspire their play. The environment we provide is full of activities perfect for toddlers. It allows them to discover and play independently or with others. The introduction to The Creative Curriculum begins here. Toddlers "learn" language naturally by hearing it used in context. They learn vocabulary by being spoken to, read to, listened to, and then encouraged to communicate their thoughts. Our teachers closely observe each toddler and individualize their teaching to challenge each child.

Our program is designed for children who have just turned one, while our Toddlers program is designed for older one year olds. Our two year old program is focused on helping students develop independence and basic skills through learning centers, large group activities, and outdoor play. With this curriculum, teachers can respond to the individual needs and learning styles of all children.

It is one of the only curriculums and assessment systems that are inclusive of all children — those developing typically, children with disabilities, and English language learners.

Through the use of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool children are enabled to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. The students are encouraged to use their thought process to solve everyday occurrences in the classroom. Video Teach kids how to talk about their age. They will also learn numbers Lesson 3 - Colours - Video What colour is this? Lesson 4 - Let's Visit the zoo. Video Teach kids animals they always see in story books.

Zoo animals. Lesson 5 - Our Pets- cats, iguana, snakes, cat - Learn the names of domestic animals. Lesson 6 - My family tree - Learn vocabulary about family members- father, mother, brother. Lesson 7- Fruits : What fruits do you like to eat? Lesson 8- Shapes: What shape is this?

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Unit 5 B - Colours Vocabulary. Want More Materials?