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But at the same time her marriage hits the rocks, and to the despair of her former admirer Detective Inspector Terry Bateson, Sarah embarks on an affair with a handsome property developer, Michael Parker.

Feel every word with award-winning performances

As Terry Bateson investigates this crime, his suspicions fall upon Michael. I cannot recommend this book more highly. This award-winning historical novel won first prize in the Kindle Book Awards Two boys meet on a voyage which transforms both their lives. Madu, a young African boy kills his first leopard and hopes to become a warrior.

Documents: Sumpter Twp mom accused of murdering daughter had traumatic childhood

When the boys first meet they hate each other. But as the story develops their roles are reversed, and each comes to depend on the other more than either would have once thought possible.

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This is a work of fiction but all the historical events in the book are true. Definitely recommended to fans of historical fiction, or anyone who enjoys an intense and fulfilling read. Won first prize in the Kindle Book Awards Catherine is secretly in love with a young IRA volunteer, Sean Brennan, but her father insists that she marries a battle-scarred British war hero, Major Andrew Butler, whom he has recruited to assassinate Michael Collins. His prose is fluent and beautiful, his characterisation superb, his plots perfectly structured and paced. When Sarah Becket, a militant suffragette and ally of Mrs Pankhurst, discovers that her own husband, a respected Liberal MP, is involved in a scandalous prostitution racket, she is devastated.

Across the Irish sea, her younger sister, Deborah Cavendish, is lonely and unloved. When her husband returns home to join the Ulster Volunteers, she faces an agonizing dilemma — the choice between James Rankin, the trade union leader who she thinks can give her the love her husband has denied her, and the respect of her beloved son.

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Praise for Cat and Mouse. It tackles topics such as famine, poverty, poor working conditions, industrial action, hunger strikes, child prostitution and the often hypocritical state of the Edwardian society marriage.

All of these historical events are skillfully put into the mix of the story which provides something for everyone: riots, romance, mystery, intrigue and crime all the while depicting lies, deception, betrayal and political struggles complete with a climatic ending — what more could you want from a novel? Historical Fiction A dramatic historical novel about love, rebellion and courage.


For 18 year old Ann Carter, her father Adam, and the Protestant villagers of Colyton in Devon, this event turned their world upside down. Adam, trembling with fear, marches to war, while Ann is torn between loyalty to her father and love for a Royalist officer.

This is historical fiction based on real events and careful research. It was as if I could hear the musket shots in my ears. Williams, Historical Fiction Review. All three books are works of fiction, but they are all based on careful historical research.

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